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Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan

When a couple decides that their marriage cannot continue, an uncontested divorce represents the most amicable and efficient pathway to dissolve the union.  

Favored for its simplicity and lower emotional toll, an uncontested divorce involves both parties agreeing on all major terms of their divorce without the need for court intervention. This includes decisions on asset division, child custody, alimony, and child support.  

By choosing an uncontested divorce, you not only save time and resources but also preserve a level of respect and cooperation with your spouse, easing the transition for all involved, especially children.  

Serving Oakland County, Michigan, and the surrounding areas, Steven L. Rotenberg, PLLC offers quality legal services to guide individuals through the nuances of uncontested divorce proceedings. 

With over two decades of dedicated legal experience, Michigan family law attorney Steven L. Rotenberg understands the sensitive nature of divorce. His approach combines compassionate legal advocacy with a practical mindset and a deep understanding of Michigan's family law to help clients reach fair and sustainable agreements.  

Who Qualifies for an Uncontested Divorce in Michigan?

To qualify for an uncontested divorce in Michigan, both parties must agree on all terms of their marriage's dissolution. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Division of marital property and debts. 

  • Determination of child custody and parenting time schedules. 

  • Calculation of child support. 

  • Assignment of spousal support (alimony), if applicable. 

You won't have to handle all the details alone; a family lawyer can assist in making informed decisions before presenting your case to a divorce judge. Throughout the uncontested divorce process, it's important for spouses to communicate openly and honestly, reaching a complete agreement without the court's intervention on these key issues.

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Eligibility to File for Divorce in Michigan

Generally speaking, in order to be eligible to file for divorce in Michigan, you or your spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months (180 days) before filing your divorce petition.  

Also, the person filing for divorce must have lived in the county where the complaint is filed for at least ten days prior to filing. 

Michigan Is a No-Fault Divorce State

This means that regardless of the party responsible for the marriage breakdown, a divorce will be granted. The party seeking divorce is only required to show that: 

  • There has been an irreconcilable breakdown in the marriage. 

  • There is no reasonable possibility of preserving the marriage. 

The Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce offers several advantages over contested proceedings, such as: 

  • Lower costs: Without the need for prolonged litigation or court hearings, legal fees are significantly reduced. 

  • Faster resolution: An uncontested divorce typically concludes much quicker, allowing both parties to move forward with their lives. 

  • Reduced stress: By avoiding contentious court battles, the emotional stress on both spouses and their children is minimized. 

  • More control: Couples can make mutual decisions about their future rather than leaving it to a judge. 

Why You Still Need an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce

Even in an uncontested divorce, it is crucial to seek legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected and the settlement is fair. Attorney Steven L. Rotenberg can provide valuable assistance by: 

  • Drafting and reviewing all legal documents to ensure accuracy and completeness. 

  • Offering objective advice on settlement terms to ensure they are in your best interest. 

  • Navigating any potential legal pitfalls or complications that may arise. 

Uncontested Divorce Attorney Serving Farmington Hills, Michigan 

Attorney Steven L. Rotenberg works with families throughout Farmington Hills, Pontiac, Monroe, Mount Clemens, and the metro Detroit, Michigan, area. He has helped countless individuals and families achieve peaceful resolutions to their divorces, allowing them to look forward to the next chapter of their lives with confidence. Book a meeting to discuss how he can assist you in making your uncontested divorce process as smooth and amicable as possible.