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Family Law FAQs

Steven L. Rotenberg, PLLC  Oct. 31, 2022

Paper cut family, judge gavel and book. Family Law.They say the only constant thing in life is change. Changes happen on both a small and large scale, and while some are relatively inconsequential, others can trigger a profound shift in our lives. And, for any changes regarding your family, such as filing for divorce, establishing or modifying a child custody or child support agreement, or writing up pre- and post-nuptial agreements, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to work with a professional.

If you’re in the Bingham Farms, Michigan, area and would like to speak with an experienced family law attorney, call Steven L. Rotenberg, PLLC, to discuss your options. Attorney Steven L. Rotenberg also serves clients in Monroe, Pontiac, Mount Clemens, and the metro Detroit area, Michigan. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Family Law 

I Just Got Served With Divorce Papers. What Are My Next Steps?  

In Michigan, if your spouse files a Complaint for Divorce, you have 21 days to respond. In your response, you can either agree with the terms laid out or deny them. It’s also common to agree with some and not others, but you don’t have much time to do this, and working with an attorney can help. If you fail to respond within this timeframe, you may be waiving your rights to contest the terms. 

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Michigan?   

Michigan is a no-fault state for divorce, meaning you don’t have to have a compelling reason for filing for divorce, just that you have irreconcilable differences with your spouse. In almost all instances, a judge will not consider the cause of the divorce—even in cases of infidelity. However, if you can show that your spouse acted recklessly in regard to your joint finances or in the care of minor children, a judge will weigh this information when deciding issues like asset division and child custody. 

Will I Be Awarded Alimony?  

Alimony (also called spousal support) is never automatically awarded in a divorce; instead, it will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the judge. Alternatively, the divorcing couple can decide between themselves if alimony will be paid and what amount is fair. Alimony is almost always temporary and is often awarded if one spouse was the breadwinner of the family and the other spouse will face undue hardship immediately following a divorce.    

When Is Mediation a Good Option?   

Mediation is a good option for couples who remain on fairly good speaking terms and are able to communicate with one another but may have differences of opinion on the terms of the divorce. In cases when the couple is unable to come to an agreement, a mediator can help facilitate productive conversations that can help the couple come to an agreement. Importantly, the mediator will not take sides and will not make any decisions for you. 

How Do I Make (or Change) a Child Visitation Schedule?  

If you already have an established child visitation schedule that’s been approved by the court, it’s extremely important that you follow it. Barring extreme cases of suspected abuse or neglect, you can never withhold visitation from one parent, even if they’ve failed to pay child support. If you’re unable to come to a joint agreement with your spouse, all modification requests need to go through the court. 

Do I Need an Attorney for My Divorce?  

While it’s true you’re not obligated to work with an attorney during your divorce, most individuals achieve better outcomes when they do seek legal guidance. An experienced family law attorney can ensure the best interests of you and your family are represented and that you fully understand how your decisions will affect your future. Whether you want to meet periodically for advice or a steadfast partner by your side the whole time, Steven L. Rotenberg, PLLC, will fight tirelessly on your behalf and only give you honest and informed legal counsel. 

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